Mahila loan 30000 will be easily Available [Instant 3K Loan]

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5+ Best Mahila Loan 30000 Yojna 2023
Mahila Loan 30000

Mahila Loan 30000: If required, fill the application without guarantee 30000 instant loan for women. Mahila loan 30000 Make your dreams come true!

Mahila Group Loan Finance Company

Article NameMahila Group Loan Banks Name
Loan TypeGroup Loan
Company TypeBank & Finance
Interest Rate19% – 26%
Tenure12Month – 24Month And 36 Month

mahila loan 30000 govt schemes

Mahila loan 30000 govt schemes: Do you also want to take a women’s loan and there are many questions in your mind that what is a women’s loan, what are the types of loans it gives, what are the documents needed for it, what are the qualifications required to take a women’s loan, how much interest rate a women’s loan is available, and the biggest question is how to get a women’s loan, etc. So today we will know the answers to all these questions and also whether you should take a women’s loan or not, what are its benefits.

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what is Mahila Loan 30000?

Mahila Loan 30000 is a business loan scheme run by the Government of India, under which the Government of India gives loans to women and gives these loans to do business and in a way motivates women to do business.

Some important documents are also required for taking women loan like: Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank account, photo (including family) etc. And you can take women loan only for doing business. The amount to take loan from women loan is from 5,000 to 1,00,000, for which you will be charged 8.90% to 22.10% (per annum) interest rate and women loan is a scheme run by the Government of India, so it is absolutely safe to take loan from it.

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documents needed to take a Mahila Loan 30000 govt Schemes?

The application process for Women Loan 30000 (Mahila loan 30000) is user-friendly and can be completed online or offline. Applicants need to submit their business proposals, along with required documents, for evaluation.

Identity proof

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Photo (with family)
  • Bank statementetc

Address proof

  • Aadhaar card
  • Bank statement
  • Photo (with family)

What is the eligibility criteria for taking a women loan?

When it comes to loan, it is very important to know whether you are eligible for the loan or not, the following are the eligibility criteria for taking a Mahila loan 30000 like

  1. Only women can get this loan
  2. Female age should be 18 to 56 years
  3. A group of 10 to 15 women will have to be formed to take a women’s loan.
  4. Everyone in the group must agree to take a women’s loan

How many ways can women take loan

If we talk about how many types of loans are given by the Women’s Loan Scheme, then through this scheme only women can take business loans. You do not get personal loan, home loan etc., you get business loan because the purpose of this scheme is to promote women for business so that everyone can do some business of their own and get employment.

How many lakh women can take loan

If we talk about how much loan women can take through Mahila Loan 30000 Yojana, then through Mahila Loan Yojana, women can take loans ranging from 5,000 to 1,00,000 and can start their business.

Business may be big or small, when it comes to starting a business, then the first thing that happens is where to get the money and how to invest it.

Offline Process of taking Mahila Group Loan

If you want to apply Mahila Loan 30000 offline, then it is very convenient for you, for this you read the points given below.

  • First of all, you have to go to the nearest office of the bank giving Mahila Group Loan.
  • There you have to meet the group loan officer and get all the related information about the process of taking loan from them.
  • Then you have to give your location to that officer and speak to open a group
  • After completing all the process mentioned by the officer, a group will be formed in your place, in which you can take women group loan.
  • If more people want to gather in that group, then by submitting their documents, they can gather with the consent of the other members of the group.
  • After the officer visits the house of all the customers, their loan forms are approved for giving loans.
  • So in this way you can apply for women group loan offline and you can connect yourself and all the women near you to a successful organization so that they can move forward easily by doing their work.

Note: In addition to all the information given above, if any bank finds any more information or any kind of document, then you will have to give it, you have to follow the rules of that bank from which you are taking loan. Is.

At what interest is the Mahila loan 30000 available?

Mahila loan 30000: Talking about the same women loan interest rate, it depends on which women loan (Mahila Loan 30000) you are taking and in which state because the government has run many women loan schemes like:

Mahila Group Loan Finance Company

Here are the names of some Mahila Group Loan Finance Company, you can apply for a loan online or offline by getting detailed information about these Mahila group loan finance companies.

Women Loaninterest rate per annumloan amount
St. Kalyani Women Loan8.70% to 8.95%Upto 1 Crore (100 Lakh)
Mudra Loan (PMMY)8% to 12%Upto 10 Lakh
Annapurna schemeDependent on bank and market rateup to Rs 50,000
Dena Shakti Yojana25% lower interest rateUpto 20 Lakh
Stree Shakti Yojana0.5% lower interest rateUpto 5 Lakh
Bharatiya Mahila Bank Business Loan10.15% से 13.65%Upto 20 Crore
Udyogini YojanaDependent on bank and market rateUpto 3 Lakh
Women Enterprise Fund SchemeDependent on bank and market rateUpto 10 Lakh
Orient Mahila Vikas Yojana Scheme2% low interest rateUpto 25 Lakh
Sind Mahila Shakti Yojana10.25% onwardsUpto 5 Crore
Mahila Group Loan Finance Company

Business Loan Schemes for Women?

St Kalyani Mahila Loan(Central Bank of India)-

Under this loan, the Central Bank of India gives loans to only those women (Women Loan Scheme 2023) who want to start their new business or want to expand or change their current business. Under this loan, women who are engaged in medium business, cottage, agriculture, retail business and government firms can also take advantage of this loan. You do not have to pay any processing fee in this loan, under this loan you get a maximum loan of Rs 10 lakh.

Stree Shakti Package (State Bank of India)

Sbi Bank (Women Personal Loan) has started the Stree Shakti Package Scheme (Women Personal Loan) for women who have ownership rights in their business, under which you get a loan of up to Rs 5 lakh without any third party guarantee.

Bharatiya Mahila Bank (Shringar and Annapurna Loan Scheme)

Bharatiya Mahila Bank runs many loan schemes to promote women entrepreneurs, under which women can promote their business and grow their business to a higher level, mainly in this, Bharatiya Mahila Bank has kept two options, first is Shringar loan and second is Annapurna loan.

In this, first of all, in Shringaar loan, you are provided loan to women to start a business like beauty parlor and secondly in Annapurna loan, women who sell food and women who want to start a business of selling food are given loans under Annapurna loan.

In both these loans, no security and guarantee is required under the Cgtmse scheme, in which the repayment period for Shringar loan is 7 years and for Annapurna loan the repayment period is 3 years.

Syndicate Bank (Synd Mahila Shakti)

Under the Sind Mahila Bank Loan Scheme by Syndicate Bank, loans are given to those women who have just ventured into business. Through the Sind Mahila Bank Loan Scheme, these new entrepreneurial women are supported financially in business.

Under this, you get a period of 10 years for loan repayment. To take advantage of this loan, one or more women should be more than 50% partners in a business.

Dena Bank (Shakti Yojana)

Dena Bank provides loans to help women in business under Shakti Yojana, in which active women entrepreneurs are promoted in many sectors like agriculture, micro credit, retail trade, service sector (Mahila Loan Yojna 2021). The duration and extent of the loan offered varies according to the sector (the sector in which the enterprise operates).

Prime Minister Mudra Loan Scheme (Govt. of India)

It is very beneficial for women to take loan under Mudra loan scheme because in this the scheme (Pradhan Mantri Mahila Loan Yojana 2021) has been started focusing on women only.

Under this scheme, there is a scheme to give loans up to Rs 10 lakh to women, in which 27 government banks, 31 regional banks, 17 private banks, 4 cooperative banks, 36 microfinance institutions can get loans (Mahila Loan Yojna 2023) under the Mudra loan scheme.

Mahila Shakti Yojana

Our next number is Mahila Shakti Yojana, women who do jobs and want to do their own business or want to take loan for some personal work.

So women can go to Dena Bank and apply. They will be given loan on the basis of their income and credit score.

Shringar and Annapurna Women Loan

Women who want to do business and want to do business like beauty parlour, makeup. So they are being provided loan from State Bank of India.

Shringaar and Annapurna Women Loans are the best loans for women. If you want to open a restaurant, then the government is giving loan for that too.

Mudra Loan Scheme

The most simple, easy and popular Mudra loan scheme launched by the Government of India. Under this, you can take a loan up to ₹ 100000.

Mudra Loan Yojana: Central government is providing loan to start business, to increase old business, women can also take loan under this scheme.

To take this loan, you can get loan from State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and various other banks. Or you can apply it by visiting its official website.

To take a loan here, your credit score should be good and income proof, only then you will be able to get the loan easily.

Mahila Group Loan Contact Number

If you are searching for mahila group loan contact number on Google, then it can be a big misconception because there are many banks and companies providing group loans, whose contact numbers you have to get by visiting their own branch. That’s why there is no use of searching mahila group loan contact number on Google or any other search engine, you can get trapped in any kind of fraud by taking contact number through search engine. Therefore, for Mahila Group Loan Contact Number, you can personally contact the Mahila Group Loan Finance Company.

How to take women loan | The right way to take Mahila Loan 30000

Below is the step by step process to take a women loan (Mahila Loan 30000)

  1. Visit your nearest bank to take women loan
  2. Take the form to apply for women loan
  3. Fill your personal details in the form like: name, age, address etc.
  4. Enter your bank details
  5. Enter loan amount
  6. submit the filled form
  7. Money will come in your account in a week

Note: Different banks may have different process for women loan 30000

Mahila Loan 30000

How much loan is available from Mahila Loan?

You can take a loan from 5,000 to 1,00,000 with women loan.

At what rate of interest is the loan available in Mahila loan?

If you take a loan from Mahila Loan then you will be charged 8.90% to 22.10% (per annum)

From where will we get women loan 30000?

You will get women loan from any nearest bank.

Is it safe to take a women loan or not?

Yes, Mahila Loan is a scheme of Government of India and it is absolutely safe.

What are the documents required for Mahila loan 30000?

Women business loan is available to those women who want to do business.


In conclusion, Mahila loan 30000 has emerged as a powerful tool in empowering women entrepreneurs. By providing financial support, easing access to credit, and promoting inclusivity, these loans are enabling women to chase their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth.

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