Bad Cibil Loan App List: Here 25+ Apps

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Bad Cibil Loan App List: Low Cibil Score Loan App
Bad Cibil Loan App List

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Bad Cibil Loan App List for You

Nowadays one of the most important things along with having financial freedom is having a good credit score. It can affect the financial status of any individual and make them avail from good or bad loan opportunities.

Bad CBIL (Credit Information Bureau Limited) score is an important score which helps in getting approval of personal loans. But there is a list of some fraudulent loan applications that can be used to access personal data in an illegal manner. In this article, we will discuss the list of bad CBIL loan applications in detail and suggest you to be cautious.

Which loan app is for poor CIBIL?

Here 25+ Bad CIBIL Loan App List

App NameInterest Rate
KreditBeeUpto 29.95%
PaySense16% – 36% p.a.
MoneyTap13% p.a.
PayMeIndia18% – 36% p.a.
Low Cibil Score Loan App

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Meaning of bad CBIL score

What is credit score?

A credit score is a numerical value assigned by financial institutions based on your financial history and behavior. It reveals your ability to repay the loan and measures your financial prudence.

Effects of Low Cibil Score Loan App

A bad CBIL score means that your credit score is generally low and financial institutions may reject your applications. This may create difficulties in meeting the standard terms of your loan and you may find it difficult to avail loans at higher interest rates.

Eligibility criteria for Bad Cibil Loan App List

  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • You must be above the age of 21
  • Your Income proof
  • Minimum monthly salary of Rs.15,000 – Ra.18,000 (based on Metro or non-Metro cities)

Documents for Bad CIBIL Loan App List

  • Photo ID Proof- PAN Card etc.
  • Address Proof- Aadhar Card etc.
  • lone apps selfie- photo

Interest and expenses on Low CIBIL Score Loan App

  • Interest can be up to 36% annually (which can range from 1% to 6% monthly)
  • Processing fee can be up to 4% of the entire loan
  • You may also have to pay up handling fees
  • If there is delay in payment, you may have to pay penalty on daily basis also
  • You may have to pay GST of 18% on all charges.

Here 25+ Bad CIBIL Loan App List

Here is a Bad Cibil Loan App List: Here are the best 25+ loan apps that provide loans against low cibil score loan app. In which you can take loan despite bad CIBIL score.

App NameInterest Rate
mPokket0% – 4% p.m.
LazyPay16% – 32% p.a.
Money View16% – 39% p.a.
Bajaj Finserv12% – 34% p.a.
Home Credit18% – 56% p.a.
SmartCoinUpto 30% 
CASHeUpto 30.42%
NIRA24% – 36%
KreditBeeUpto 29.95%
PaySense16% – 36% p.a.
MoneyTap13% p.a.
PayMeIndia18% – 36% p.a.
DhaniUpto 42% p.a.
Early Salary15% – 40% p.a.
India Lends10.25% – 25% p.a.
Paytm Pay Later10.5% – 485 p.a.
Zest Money3% – 36% p.a.
DigiMoney19% – 34% p.a.
IndusMobile: Digital Banking18% – 39% p.a.
Mystro Loans & Neo Banking App15% – 36% p.a.
Kissht18% p.a. onwards
Prefr18% – 36% p.a.
Fair Money12% – 36% p.a.
Pay With Ring14% – 28% p.a.
Bueno Loans20% – 52% p.a.
Pocketly14% – 39% p.a.
Bajaj Markets14% – 52% p.a.
Indialends10.25% – 25% p.a.
Bad Cibil Loan App List ( List Source )

How to Get Loan if Cibil Score is Bad

Bad Cibil Loan App List: There are some ways to get a loan even with a Low CIBIL score, but note that these ways should be contractual and organized, so that all your financial needs can be met.

  1. Cosigner or Guarantor: You can take the help of a cosigner or guarantor who has a good CBIL score. If your guarantor supports the loan for you, the bank increases the chances of approving your loan.
  2. Security or Guarantee: Some loans like gold loan or car loan, you can also get by providing such asset as guarantee. It also includes that if you do not recover the loan, they have the right to seize the property.
  3. Look for another bank: Some job banks and alternative transaction providers give less importance to the results of your CBIL score and give you the opportunity to avail a small loan in case of financial emergency.
  4. Ask for help from a friend or family member: If there is a possibility, you can ask your friends or family member for a loan. This can be a social way to get a loan without your CBIL score, but note that it can put a strain on your relationships.
  5. Credit supporting organizations: Some credit supporting organizations help people purchase credit and improve their CBIL score. You can take advice from these organizations and they will give you the right guidance.

Please remember that it may be difficult for people with a bad CBIL score to get a loan and you should recover any loan in a fair and timely manner. This can help improve your CBIL score and improve your financial condition.

How To Apply For Personal Loans On Bad Cibil Loan App List

Step 1: Download the mobile application of the lender, directly from the Google Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Register for a new user. After the process, you will provide the information such as name, address, id proof and email. 

Step 3: This step sets the credit limit. 

Step 4: Once completed, upload your KYC paperwork for the personal loan agreement. 

Step 5: Then enter your bank details to get a personal loan. Then fill out an application form. 

Step 6: The money will be sent to your specific bank account immediately after the approval.

Why Due Diligence Is Necessary In Loan Applications?

Low Cibil Score Loan App shows which can be out there among various loan applications that combine personal data and can use your CBIL information unauthorisedly. By exercising caution, you can avoid such loan applications and ensure the safety of your financial data.

How to identify bad loan applications?

In order to spot bad loan applications, you need to look for some key signs to identify them. Some of these are:

  1. Exorbitant interest rates: If a loan application promises you a loan at exorbitant interest rates, it could be a sign that it might be scammed.
  2. Anti-social media profiles: Be careful if the loan application website or social media profiles are anti-social and do not reflect credibility.
  3. Unexpected Demands: Stay away from any loan application that makes unexpected demands or demands for deposit of payment.

How to Choose Secured Loan Applications?

  1. Complete Details: Before using any loan application, get complete details and check its credibility.
  2. Reviews and Ratings: Check the effectiveness of the loan application by looking through reviews and ratings from other users.
  3. Security: Security should be the priority for the loan application. This will ensure that your personal data is properly protected.
Bad Cibil Loan App List

frequently Asked question: Low Cibil Score Loan App

Can I get a loan with a bad CBIL score?

No, getting a loan with a Low CBIL score can be difficult as financial institutions can generally reject your application.

Can I improve my CBIL score?

Yes, you can improve your CBIL score. It may take time, but success is possible.

Are all loan applications risky?

No, not all loan applications are risky. But it is important to be vigilant and check credibility.

Can I use online loan applications?

Yes, you can use online loan applications, but be sure that you choose a safe and reliable option.

Can I use any website to find my CBIL score?

Yes, many websites provide the services of checking your CBIL score, but be sure that you use a reliable and authorized source only.


Bad Cibil Loan App List: It is essential to be vigilant to avoid bad CIBIL loan applications, so that your financial data remains secure and you are able to achieve your financial goals. It is important to be cautious to avoid low cibil score loan app. Taking care of a good credit score and using safe loan applications can help you secure your financial future.

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